Monday, February 20, 2023

Some Super Pin-Ups from Bill Black

 A while back, Russ and I were lament'n that onea the unrealized Steranko ideas back in the day was a set of color'n books of a ton of our favorite characters in comics.  He mentioned he had a memory of Bill Black doing a similar thing, and I hope this is what he had in mind.  There's a bunch more to this portfolio-I just slapped up some favs


  1. Definitely maybe on this. I didn't remember the colored paper, but a lot of the Paragon books had colored paper covers. There was also a 1971 edition of Paragon Golden Age Greats, a fanzine featuring all pin-ups of Golden Age characters, with art by some of the same guys: Don Newton, Gil Kane, Dan Adkins etc. I may have been combining both pubs in my memory.
    I know there were some later "pretty girl" portfolios, but I never went near those.

    1. Now we're cook'n with gas (dunnae tell Biden)! I've spent just a few minutes look'n at them, and also being led to men a mystery, and this is more like it! Part of my fanzine passion is all the flashbacks to golden age characters, and I dinnae realize how much Bill Black was showcasing it. This, acourse, is a massive undertaking for a lazy Cap'n, but stay tuned

    2. wow. This stuff just need Michael Chabon write'n a running commentary, and it would be the dream I had after read'n Kavalier & Clay