Friday, February 24, 2023

S'more Incredible Ads From RBCC (This Time From #82)

What an incredible adzine/fanzine this was!  Left out a lotta stuff that just wasnae my cupa, and what I do have here I tried to put in order as you leaf through (with a little sump'n sump'n from the item(s) being advertised).  Noth'n to go with the Collage ad.  My understanding is that was a Wally Wood drawing originally done for Galaxy, but I never found anything better produced (bummer)
A day later:  Russ told me the Collage cover was from April 1959 Galaxy, a story called "the Man In the Mailbag," so while I still cannae find a better image of the cover, I did find another image from that story, so I guess ALL the ads have a sump'n sump'n


  1. The Wood piece is from Galaxy 4/59 "the Man in the Mailbag". I never got the IDW book on Wood's SF art (wish I had done so when it was cheap), but I bet there's a sharp repro in there.