Thursday, February 16, 2023

New John Fantucchio!!!

 Yeah, yeah, just new to me.  That first image is actually quite old, being the inside front cover of the 1969 fanzine Fight'n Hero Comics #14.  I also slapped up the other two images of Fantucchio's The Black Terror I already knew of, and I thought I'd be remiss to leave out Steranko's Black Terror from the unrealized color'n books


  1. Bienvenida a muchio Fantucchio! I was looking at the editorial in Steranko's first issue of Comixscene and he was promising a whole pile of projects that I now suspect he was just pulling out of his butt as he wrote. What the hell was Starchild supposed to be? The Asgard Murals! Sounds awesome, but no details on what that was. Bill Black actually did something much like what those superhero encyclopedia/coloring books were going to be, a portfolio or zine of superhero pin-ups, though I can't remember if it was just their own characters or some of the public domain characters they used like Phantom Lady.

    1. a mi me gusta! In Steranko's defense, I feel he had a lot on his plate, and I'll always be thankful for the glimpses of his genius that we did get (I'm at peace with Talon now, but would love to see better images of his Super Agent X). Thanks for always keep'n me on my toes, though, cause now I must see Bill Black's color'n book