Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Warlock by Neal Adams

So broke I cannae even pay attention.  Gil Kane Warlock-check.  Jim Starlin Warlock-check.  If you know more Warlock by the usual suspects, please holla


  1. Damn, I was just reading about comics on a couple of other sites, and I was shocked to find out that Neal Adams passed away yesterday.

    1. Wow, I had no idea, and it looks like this post was just the day before it happened. He was truly onea the greats, and I too am shocked

  2. Wow. This was posted the day before Neal Adamss died, on April 28, 2022. Along with Jack Kirby, Neal Adams was one of the two driving forces that sparked my enduring interest, ant together are the two influences that have defined comics as we know them for the last 50-plus years. With maybe Berni Wrightson being the third major influence.

    They will be missed, but even so, their work lives on forever.