Thursday, April 7, 2022

Mysteries Of Unexplored Worlds #11 Cover by Steve Ditko

 Just georgeous, but I wonder what date this came out?  I never understood the date stamp on comics


  1. We know comics were dated ahead by publishers to keep them on display for as long as they could. I'm guessing the stamp is the newsdealer or distributor marking when they actually received the comic so the guys who actually racked the comics would know how long they were up for sale. (The Charlton covers from the late 50's have such a unique feel. Notice Ditko signed his name inside-out. He spelled it the conventional way on Strange Worlds #2 from Marvel, on sale at the same time. I always prefer the oddball Charlton aesthetic.)

    1. Good stuff, Maynard! Yeah, we always had some two-month or so published date to take out our slide-rulers and figure out when we'd REALLY see sump'n, but I like your guess on the actual stamp. Tracking turnover and the gross margin return on inventory is always a big deal in the retail world. Dinnae even catch the weird inside-out sig until you said it, so the first initial J instead of S is maybe the mirror placement in the alphabet