Friday, February 19, 2021

Coupla Tarzans by Neal Adams

 Not sure why Tarzan VS Knight dinnae make it onto the paperback covers.  Did Burroughs have a story with a knight in the jungle?  Anyhoo, dig both of these 


  1. That was originally supposed to be the cover for Tarzan Lord of the Jungle but they ended up using one of Boris Vallejo's. Neal says that the guy who hired him at Ballantine got cranky because they thought he was taking too long to finish the covers, and sometimes they let him and Boris work on different covers for the same books and used whichever one came in first.

    1. Sounds familiar. Except for Kane and Kirby, seems like most of the artists on here would run into deadline issues with "the man" from time to time. Wish Barry Smith had a magical publisher who could've said, "take your time, cause we know it'll be great," or that Kaluta and Wrightson had not usually been delegated to short stories instead of full titles, or that Steranko had been given more time on the insides of the X-Men, or that....