Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Coupla Cowboys by Gil Kane

 Lost the name of this "masked man," but clue me in if you know.  Anybody else watch'n Yellowstone?  The mellenials turned me onto it a while back, and I been long in the saddle (#binge watch'n) for a while now.  Best line ta me so far is: "In this world, you're either a shark or a minnow, and if you don't know what you are, you ain't no ****'n shark"


  1. Why that's the Black Diamond, his buddy Bumper, and his trusty horse Reliapon. (I know that only because I downloaded some of the later issues of Black Diamond Western from the Digital Comic Museum to read the Bing Bang Buster backup stories by Basil Wolverton.)

    1. Many thanks! More importantly, thanks for turn'n me onto Bing Bang Buster. Havenae looked it up yet, but already luv the name