Saturday, February 27, 2021

Flash Gordon by Steve Ditko

 Last night I saw this splash page on Heritage (thanks, Russ!), and it was so cool to see, because I started the day just doing a search of this post title.  I wanted some more Flash by Ditko to go with the all stars! fanzine cover from 1965 that we been gaz'n at for a while.  Turns out there's nothing (cept an unpublished complete story)  far out


  1. Yeah, this page apparently was printed in one of the Robin Snyder Out of this World reprint collections with that All Stars piece as a cover. But I guess you saw what I saw. Cool to find out about this.

    1. Dinnae know about Out Of This World #16, but I added that cover, and again, I appreciate ya to no end. The OOTW is up on ebay, by the by, if yer interested