Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cap'n America #112 Rejected Cover by Jim Steranko

Yeah, Kirby jumped in over a weekend at Stan's request to do 112, but this cover was so cutting edge it was rejected for two issues (actually #113)


  1. It would've created a mass freak-out, had it been published back then. This is one of the few times I preferred the replacement cover. Just beautiful...and it won a fan award (an Alley Award, I think) for Best Cover of the Year.

    Speaking of which, Happy New Year, Cap.

    1. Right back atcha, Russ! And now you got me wonder'n about this fan award, if it was Kirby on 112, or Steranko on 113, or both maybe? They were both amaz'n covers

  2. It was Steranko on 113 that won...THAT was the cover I liked better than the original. The Kirby cover was a very clever way to deal with a short deadline. Came out great.