Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Update on Conan #9 Cover by Barry Smith

Now that the original art for the published cover is for sale, we can see three big images of this great endeavor.  All told, Barry drew exactly a bazillion petals/leaves


  1. It kills me to see this as a regular 15 cent comic when this should be in a museum, compared to what I think current comics look like, over muscled heroes in poses or just plain crude artwork.

  2. True dat. What really freaked me out was finding this in the cheap bins at The Hub, a shop in the Springs nestled between two Go-go parlors. This was 1975, and the fat guy in the wife beater and smok'n a cigar who ran the place had basically said this had less value than his porn and sports magazines. Not long after that I saw Barry's Enchantment print, with the Conan comic wrinkled and tossed on a bench, I could definitely relate