Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beyond the Farthest Star by Frank Frazetta

Here we have two different covers for the same Burroughs paperback, and a cool transition rough that shows the amaz'n cat creature and an improvement on the fantasy plane that is pure Fritz.  My only regret is I no longer have (and can't seem to find) the paperbacks themselves


  1. I have the paperback and the top one is not on it for sure, which is too bad as it it the superior picture.

  2. True dat, it is waaay superior, although I do like the almost "living" aspect of the plane you have on yours. If you could find the first image on a paperback, the crazy thing is it morphed over to ANOTHER Burroughs story (methinks it became Land That Time Forgot), I guess to make room for this new, lesser cover