Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Some Conan #5 by Barry Smith

The cover was great, but when I first opened this off the rack back in 1971, I thought oh-oh, how lame (#4 had spoiled me, I know, but still....)  Years later I saw these pencils, and now I wish I could see more of the pencils


  1. I missed #4 and was mighty impressed by this issue.

    One can't help noticing some panels have changed considerably between pencilling and the final product - would you say Smith redrew them, or would the Powers That Be have, say, prevailed upon inker S. Buscema to re-pencil them in a style approximating Smith?

  2. Don't really know (and Frank G inked the insides, not Sal), but it looks like both-with Barry redraw'n some stuff (probably per Roy) and then Frank G butcher'n the whole thing, except, as I say, that wunnerful cover

  3. Sal's inks were okay in that they weren't too distracting. In later issues I thought Dan Adkins did a great job. But some of my favorite Smith inks ( besides his own) came from Bill Everett on a Ka-Zar story in Astonishing Tales.
    He was a versatile and intelligent collaborator on whoever he inked. Kirby, Steranko, Colan...they all benefited from his sympathetic finishes. Imagine how Gil Kane's Spider-Man would've looked.