Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rejected Kamandi by Jack Kirby

Double entende on the title, as I suspect Jack rejected this drawing himself, at least as far as the regular comic publication went.  For one thing, Kamandi is not quite right, but most importantly (to me) is how advanced the one-Ape helicopter is (first concept of a drone?).  Kamandi's future always struck me as rough-hewn, almost barbaric, and the heli seems a little too sleek


  1. i like the one-Ape helicopter-shows Jack must have read Monkey Planet

  2. One of my regrets is not reading it (Yet!). I like to think I've read all the best SF and fantasy, but I know this is a classic (spawned a franchise, also), and I really do intend to read it. Nice to know I'll also get one-Ape helicopters