Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fantastic Four 100 by Jack Kirby

Okay, this is sad---we were playing sandlot football in between two family housing buildings in Nurnberg, when Scottie Scott came running up with the brand-new FF #100.  The game stopped because I was all-time QB and I wanted to see this comic.  "Whoa!  Great cover!"  "Oh, yeah, baby!"  "Hey, everything's tiny!"  "What gives?"  "You can barely see the pictures!"  "This sucks!"  "Rip-off!"
After a minute or two, we went back to our game.  Here you see what I consider the best of a bad lot, some of the interiors.  And a great cover (Well, my copy's not so great--for one thing, the Hulk has a big crease on his back, and we all know, "Nobody give Hulk crease on his back!")
Jack's alter-ego, The Thing, sums it up great in one of these panels, if I sub one word, "Hey!  What's goin' on here?  The whole blamed comic is comin' apart!"
As the poet once said:  Not with a bang, but a whimper

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