Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another Shoe Shine for Chandler by Jim Steranko

Finally, a scan of this sketch worth embiggening.  I put it up in the not so distant, but it was blurred, and I put it up in the more distant, but it was a screen shot from a video, and very blurred.  Again, this is from Comics Sketchbooks, one of the many Steranko items available on Amazon.  Great listing of ALL Steranko items at Tony Robertson's site The Drawings of Steranko


  1. Thanks for the plug for the site. Thanks for posting a hi-res scan of that drawing. I posted it on the STERANKO facebook group and people really loved it. Are you going to post hi-res scans of the other 5 Steranko drawings from that book now?

  2. Sure. I hadn't thought about it, since the others were already posted in other formats by you and/or I, but at least now they'll be in better resolution