Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Sail'n With Berni Wrightson

 Onea of my all-time music earworms is Sailing by Christopher Cross (which strikes me as odd, in that I been landlocked and dig'n the mountains most of my life).  Not all these vessels have sails, but when sump'n fits the theme, what the heck.  If you're see'n a Wrightson boat for the first time, give a holla soon, cause you know my memory sucks (as an old guy, I like to tell the young'ns that I've forgotten more than they'll ever know).  More important to me, as you may know, is if I forgot a Berni Boat, please, please holla


  1. Let's see, more Wrightson boats, well, there was a flying boat in the Spider-Man book. Oh, yeah, and Treasure Island of course. I really wish I had a better scan of the Treasure Island cover (see lower l & upper r vignettes for signs, yeah, it's him).

  2. Oh yeah, and one in the cyclops picture from the coloring book.

    1. Thanks! I've probly said it before, but your total recall always makes me think of Jack Kerouac, whose fellow beats dubbed The Memory Babe. I'm more like The Great Forgetter (sung to the tune The Great Pretender)