Thursday, May 30, 2024

Buster Crabbe #5 by Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta, and Roy Krenkel

Looks like all Fritz on the cover, all Al on the unused cover, and all three fleagles on the Maid of Mars.  Georgeous stuff, and seventy sump'n years ago


  1. First saw that story in black and white in the fanzine Collage; they broke it up over two issues and it was years before I read part two. I always wanted, but never got the original. Did have Strange Worlds #3, though, with the story by all those guys plus retouches by Woody.

    1. Oh, yeah! And that inside front cover is onea my Wood Avon favs. I'm sure you've seen what's up on Pappy's blog, so in a way, you finally got BC #5 in color (at least the good part). This post, by the by, was sparked by an old comment you made about it, so thanks, again