Saturday, May 25, 2024

First DC Berni Wrightson

 What is my malfunction, Major?  I claim to be a huge fan of Wrightson, and I never saw this, and besides being real nice, it's an important historical milestone.  You know the drill!  "So broke, I can't even pay attention"


  1. Don't believe I've seen that one, either. I always thought his first was Spectre #9, which seems to have the same cover date as the House of Mystery story. Probably he sold the HOM first after his original failed attempt at the first Nightmaster. He did get the second Nightmaster accepted, though, and it's cover dated one month after this piece. Obviously DC needs to put out a Wrightson Omnibus or two as they've done for Ditko and Kirby.

    1. Oh, true dat! Wrightson's late 60s and early seventies stuff just intrigues me. A collection of his fanzine work would be che nice, also

    2. Fantagraphics gathered a lot of the old stuff in a collection called the Reaper of Love back in the 80's, but if you have Badtime Stories, Web of Horror and Infinity, you have most of it.

    3. Don't forget The Mutants! Yeah, have and/or have seen probly all his fanzine work, just wanna have another Wrightson book