Wednesday, April 5, 2023

An Alternate Reality by Berni Wrightson

Kinda freak'n out (but in the good struggle way) about that first image.  It's in onea my dozens of massive binders I made back in the day before the blog.  Prior to the blog, I thought the best way to gather all the art I like in one place was fill'n these binders.  Still love to flip through them,but sometimes, as in this case, I look at sump'n and wonder "where the heck is THAT from?"  I remember getting The Buyer's Guide For Comic Fandom #1 in the mail, and see'n that ad for the fanzine Reality, but I've never held Reality #1.  I had Reality #2 for many years, and it held that other, alien Wrightson inside, but I dunnae know where I got the first image.  Also, I cannae find a trace of Reality #1 anywheres.  When I open The Berni Wrightson Treasury and flip to the fanzine index, it only lists Reality #2 one illo (the alien).  Bring me back to this reality, if you have any insights

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