Thursday, April 6, 2023

Out Soon! From Frank Frazetta

 Okay, either I missed it, or out soon means more than 55 years.  This ad appeared in the EC fanzine Squa Tront #2.  Please holla if this was published


  1. There was only one ish, if this is what I think it is. Second issue ended up as an issue of one of the ERB zines. Do I get a No-Prize?

    1. Ah, heck ! If it is what you think it is, I had that bad boy back in the day. Got a much better printing of Thun'da in a book also called Frazetta put out by Ellie, and traded this one away. Anyway, remember when Zoolander corrected his dad about being a mermaid ("that's merMan!")? Well, this is Cap'n's Comics, so you get a non-prize