Sunday, February 27, 2022

Savage World by Frank Frazetta

 Okay, I'm the Cap'n, and I over-post some favs (Hi, Cap'n!).  So Monster Mania has been fundundantly posted over the years, but I dunnae think I ever noticed the third Neanderthal was replaced with Shemp sometime after the magazine.  You may recall Shemp also replaced Curly in the Stooges


  1. First published as the wrap-around cover of Monster Mania #2 and simultaneously released as a print, the piece was repainted by Frazetta in 1981 while working on the animated feature Fire and Ice. It was later published in the 1985 release, Frazetta Book V.

    1. Thanks! I dinnae know about the Fire and Ice tie-in, and I definitely will be digging Book V out of the catacombs