Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Colors by Stan Goldberg

 Just saw that Goldberg colored the unused cover Kirby did for the debut of the Black Panther.  I've always said it's nice to have two covers, but now it's even nicer.  And the published one allowed Goldberg to do his magic on greys.  He did hundreds of cover colors during The Marvel Age, but I've also put up a coupla favs, how he rocked the Surfer and Ditko's Spiderman


  1. It was a big part of what made Marvel look so different. Those Twilight Zone inspired logos too.

    1. True both dat. I just remember being awestruck by Goldberg's colors, and it was kinda subliminal thing..until this century, and I saw all these reprints, anthologies, etc., and realized the awesome colors were gone