Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Rock Stars! Part II

 Thanks, meamwayne!  Thanks, Russ!  Okay, Rick Jones just played in Coffee Houses, but he had groupies, and a guitar,so....I just wish I could find a Ditko rocker, since many of his costume designs woulda been great on stage


  1. Well. Kirby did a made-up future rock group called the Astrals as well as that Paul McCartney drawing and maybe a Frank Zappa piece? And the San Diego Five String Mob, if fake stuff counts.

    That Neal Adams kid really gets around.

    1. True dat. Neal Adams is everywhere (kinda reminds me of the radio program Chicken Man-"he's everywhere! he's everywhere!"
      Astrals got a whole strip post (a rarity for me) in 2017, and Paul and Linda got a big post in 2014 (or was it the other way around? sheesh), and the five string mob were in the Rock Stars! post, but I will look around for Zappa. I know Frank Zappa was a fan, so it makes sense