Friday, April 2, 2021

Traitor by Gil Kane

 Maybe because Kane dinnae do the covers, maybe because it was published in the wrong century (this one), but here's another totally missed by the Cap'n tour de force.  Traitor looks like a Bart Sears creation, the anatomy rocks, and I love me some Gil Kane techno


  1. Very nice work. Kane for me, was one of the greats whose style never faulted the older he got unlike some others. I have a couple of his later strips from the late 1990s that are amongst his best work ( a Green Lantern back up strip in particular, but I can't recall the comic it appeared in).

    1. Yeah, I'm discovering more 'n more Kane after my "prime decade" (1965-1975, which is the bulk of the art and artists on here). He was truly a lifelong master of the medium