Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Check All Guns Here! by Jim Steranko

 Okay, help the Cap'n out here.  Cannae tell what the top line of the sign says, and cannae recall what fanzine this was


  1. Well, that's from the 1973 ACBA Sketchbook according to your own post of a mere three weeks ago, though I think these yellowed copies are from a convention booklet based on the "Best Wishes Detroit" message bleeding through the page, and you need to go back to your post of December 22, 2013 to find a copy of the full drawing in clean black and white that looks like it was scanned from the book. As for the sign, I think it says "Deadline," a fictional old west town.

    1. Many, many thanks! I've added the two you told me about from 2013 (much cleaner), and I'll check out Detroit stuff. They called Jack Kerouac the "Memory Babe," but you just became "Memory Monster" in my book! Dunnae how you do that, but much respect