Sunday, April 26, 2020

Mal-ig by George Metzger

This is right there with his Mu, The Land That Never Was....but Mu has better dialog


  1. Had some Mal Ig in the old Gothic Blimp Works tabloid.

  2. True dat, and then in 1971, reprinted in Graphic Story Magazine #13 (and promoted on the cover). Probably somewhere else, but it's not coming to me. Gothic Blimp Works has a slew of the Metzger contribution issues up on e-bay, but waaaaaaaaay outa my price range

  3. GSM #13 is one I don't have, so I didn't know this (thanks). Gothic Blimp Works is probably in danger of being lost forever, because that newsprint is disintegrating. There were only 8 issues; here's hoping someone archives or digitizes them before it's too late. It was so early in the underground era that some of it was like fanzine work (some pages by Kaluta and Wrightson and, of course Bode, as well as Metzger.)

    1. I knew about Bode (and Crumb, acourse) but had no idea about Kaluta and Wrightson! I will try to salvage what I can, but it's really too bad....remonds me of the early Buyer's Guide, at least being on newsprint, but I lucked out years ago with a seller on e bay post'n nice scans of those classic covers. Speak'n of e-bay, 1971 fanzine listings usually have a copy or two of GSM #13, and sometimes a reasonable price and/or no bids