Thursday, June 13, 2019

Conan In Chains--by Barry Smith

But still Conan!  Okay, I had a total geek out today (as opposed to other days, Cap'n?).  I was not a big Marvel fan at the moment this came out as the House Ad for Conan #2.  Jack Kirby was over at DC, Steranko was gone, Neal Adams wasn't doing much, Wrightson was mostly DC, Wally Wood was done for the second time at Marvel, John Buscema was over that moment when Sub-Mariner and Silver Surfer shined, Ditko was independant, blah, blah, blah....Anyhoo, I missed this house ad, cause the only Marvel Mag I was grab'n was Conan, and house ads weren't in the same comic they were promoting.  So, this morning, I had the brilliant idea of searching the comics that came out the same month as Conan #2, at a shop that had many of these 70s Marvels I had never bothered with.  I wrote all that month's Marvel mags on an index card and began searching.  I was dismayed to learn Spider-Man #91 came out that same month, and most house ads were of Spidey.  Spider-Man #91 itself, by the by, was mysteriously missing.  The last mag on my index card was Sub-Mariner #32, and on the last page (send it to Subby letters page)  THERE IT WAS.  Part of my geek-out was because this art wasnae used in the comic, and it was amaz'n art.  The second and third images have been up on here for quite a while, but not the real house ad.  mind.  blown