Thursday, May 11, 2017

Web Of Horror #2 by Berni Wrightson

If you havena figured it out by now, I'm a HUGE Wrightson fan, and this issue is really bitter-sweet (like everything Berni nowadays).  The Wrightson story in this issue (Feed It!) was veryvery poorly printed, an appears better in every reprint you will ever find, but the centerspread and wraparound cover were georgeous. Dunnae even get me started on the letters page logo, which was printed poorly TWICE in this issue


  1. "Feed It" is reprinted in the the REAPER OF LOVE collection of Wrightson's early work, from Fantagraphics (in black and white).

    And also reprinted in BERNI WRIGHTSON: MASTER OF THE MACABRE 5 (in color).

    There was supposed to be another issue of WEB OF HORROR magazine, but they went bankrupt, and Wrightson and Kaluta were unpaid for their stories that went unpublished, and the originals were stolen.
    The originals were recently found and posted on the internet somewhere. They were unknown new talents when the pages were lost (1970), now grandmasters in their field.

    1. Yeah, WOH #4 is onea the heartbreaks of comic art to me. Check out my post Web Of Horror #4 from last summer