Saturday, May 13, 2017

Super Moebius

The embiggened Spiderman is especially tasty


  1. Wotta revoltin' development! You put up everybody except the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing:

    (who, yes, he did draw with brown eyes, but, hey, nobody's perfect)

    1. Sheeesh! I'll put it up now! and excuuuuse me! (Jus josh'n...Ben Grimm is def a fav)

  2. The color Superman pin-up is in SUPERMAN 400 (1984). With a lot of other great art by Chaykin, Williamson, Rogers/Austin, Miller, Kaluta, Sienkiwicz, Janson, and especially, Steranko.
    It was released later in a (my opinion) overpriced portfolio too.

    The SILVER SURFER: PARABLE story by Stan Lee and Moebius is fantastic. I stumbled on the trade of it, and later found the hardcover at a very nive price. I like it in both formats. I guess it was also released as a 2-issue miniseries, but I never ventured to track it down.

    The other images I haven't seen before.

    The Wolverine one reminds me of Moebius' cover for MOEBIUS # 0: THE HORNY GOOF, publishing the more... suggestive... work that Marvel/Epic didn't want to collect, but in the same format as Epic's numbered volumes.