Friday, May 12, 2017

New Gods #1 Cover by Jack Kirby

Okay, Sherman, let's take the wayback machine to 1970 Nurnberg, Germany, and young Cap'n is star'n at this cover for several minutes before he actually buys the frick'n comic.  Just  beautiful

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  1. I've seen that b & w version before, with the "Superman, National Comics" logo. I think maaybe they were going to premeire NEW GODS as an issue of SHOWCASE, before they settled on just making it number one of a NEW GODS series.

    There's also a pencil cover Kirby did for a proposed ARMAGETO, THE FINAL BATTLE Limit ed Collectors' edition tabloid, to wrap up the NEW GODS storyline, circa 1973-1974. It was includes in the 11 X 14 book MASTERWORKS (1979), in the same format as KIRBY UNLEASHED tabloid collection of Kirby art.