Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Moondog by George Metzger

Got so many views on MU by Metzger, thought I'd put up another great visual idea by him.  Apparently named after a blind bluesman from about a century ago


  1. That first issue was a real masterpiece. Metzger, like Corben and Bode, transferred some of his early undergrounds from fanzine material.

    1. Fujitake did a coupla artistic undergrounds too, and acourse the great Bob Kline

  2. Moondog! I remember seeing him when I was a kid. He lived in Manhattan, and he dressed like a viking. Most people assumed he was homeless because he was on the street all day every day, sometimes singing, sometimes just standing there, but ha actually had albums out on major labels; I was amazed the first time I recognized him on the cover of one in a record store.

  3. Thanks for clarify'n the vague rumors I recalled