Saturday, May 6, 2017

Kamandi #4 Page 5 by Jack Kirby seems no one wants to talk about the elephant in the room, but-let's talk.  Ben Boxer is wearing white gloves in this issue, but suddenly, for one panel, Kamandi is wearing white gloves, also.  He doesnae have white gloves on the panel before, nor the panel after, nor on the cover, which depicts the exact same moment as page 5 (albeit not as dynamically as page 5).  I assume that Mike Royer had long since learned to ink what Jack drew exactly as drawn, which I've always said enhanced Mike's great ink'n.  I wonder if Mike or anyone ever said, hey, Jack, what's with the gloves?  It might've led to another great story from Kirby, or, at the least, a great oops


  1. Jack did the same in X-Men #2. Drew The Beast with gloves on the splash page. I guess he was already thinking of what he was going to put in the next panel while drawing the one before it.

  2. Thanks,'ve also activated one of those recurring Kirby ticklers (The Sentinels!) that I keep meaning to look at