Monday, October 17, 2016

Most Fun With Fanzines

Okay, not all fanzines, but all fun, and it clears my folder


  1. Fantastic post, Cap. I was especially stunned by the (never before seen) Weirdom material. I still have the underground reprint of Tales from the Plague. So much of this stuff passed through my hands back in the day and was a big part of my world. Fanzines are labors of love and I feel the love shining from every page. Fantastic.

    1. Yes. Everything you said resonates w/me. Not always the best art technically, but certainly gorgeous in my eyes

  2. An absolutely incredible post. Thanks so much for posting. I love the fanzines and miss the days of the fanzines. Such beautiful artwork. Such young talent.

  3. Cannae agree more. If you haven't, please search fanzines on here