Monday, October 24, 2016

Galaxy Green by Jack Kirby

Although Corben and Bode and Rand did some great stuff in the undergrounds, I kinda dig that Kirby never really got into that scene

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  1. MARK EVANIER in CBA about Kirby's Galaxy Green: We had talked to Jack [Kirby] about erotic comics, and Jack felt he ... was not physically able to sit down and do something as adult as he knew an adult strip would have to be to be commercial. It was a very strange situation, in that Jack felt there was a huge market out there that wasn't being tapped. In fact, he was talking to Wally Wood during this period, and he encouraged Wood greatly in that direction. But Jack felt that he could not draw a strip with naked women in it. "Galaxy Green" was Jack going as far as he felt he could.