Saturday, May 28, 2016

Flash Gordon by Al Williamson


  1. If I could just find some of those polka-dot mushrooms I bet that I, too, could travel to the planet Mongo amd meet Azura the Witch Queen.

  2. They say the best shroom growth is in the dark with a lot of organic fertilization, hence the saying "They're treat'n us like mushrooms-they keep us in the dark and feed us b.s." Course, I have noooo idea

  3. Can you give us more information about this colored version of "Witch Queen"? Who did the coloring? As far as I know, this was a black and white done for the National Cartoonists Society portfolio #1 in 1978...

    1. You're correct about the published version, but I dunnae who colored it(look for a new post today, crediting your inspiration--I was basically bored until you wrote on here....)