Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ant Man by Neal Adams and Frank Frazetta

Haven't seen such synchronicity from these two since Creepy


  1. Too bad that attempt to get Frazetta to ink a Kirby cover (on the Viking Heroes comic) didn't happen. It probably would've created a warp in the time-space continuum.

  2. That whole comic was great Fritz/Jack synchronicity, but yeah, that woulda been amazeballs

  3. Just curious about the provenance of the Frazetta sketch?

  4. Not even sure-I think I'd printed it at a friend's one night off of a tumblr after some bleary-eyed searches. As I recall, I originally thought "cool, a sketch of Fritz's painting Spiderman," and then realized it wasn't spiders. Anyhow, when in doubt, I always just take it down.

  5. I'm confused...Avengers #93 credits only Neal Adams and Tom Palmer as the artists....Did Frazetta assist with the pencils or inks uncredited?

    1. Nah, and these old comments are confusing since I took down a Frazetta sketch way back. As I recall, it wasn't posted anywhere else and I was unsure if I should have it up