Thursday, December 10, 2015

Buster Crabbe #5 Cover by Frank Frazetta

Met Buster Crabbe in a small mall in Phoenix back in the seventies


  1. It's the one issue of Buster Crabbe I'd like to own. Have you ever seen the interior story "Maid of Mars" by Williamson/Krenkel? Outstanding.

    It doesn't surprise me that these guys (the Fleagles) did a lot of Alex Raymond-style comics; he was an obvious early inspiration. What's interesting is how often Buster Crabbe or a lookalike shows up in their sketches and strips. I guess those movie serials broke their brains as much as the Flash Gordon comics.

    1. Not only the Fleagles got their brains broke on the serials! As an army brat in Germany, we were still watching them at the base theater in the sixties. My personal fav was Radar Men From The Moon (Comando Cody). Best helmet ever. Yep, Buster and the Maid of Mars is truly gorgeous. Don't often post entire stories, but you got me think'n I should put that one up

  2. I lived in Germany as a teen, briefly. Lived in Mainz, went to school in Wiesbaden,1967-68. Because of that I missed a lot of Marvel number ones, like Nick Fury and Silver Surfer. Those premieres with continued numbering like Cap #100 and Hulk #102 made it to the Stars and Stripes.

  3. I lived at a bigger base a few years later, and enjoyed grab'n New Gods #1 and Conan#1, but I really missed American TV (missed out on The Mod Squad)