Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Djinn by Steve Ditko

Was gonna make this a fairly big post (over the years in the eighties, Ditko did four stories), but this is the only image I thought was really amaz'n


  1. The panels inked by Leialoha are fantastic. If this had continued in Adventure Illustrated or a similar format, it might've felt like an old time Fu Manchu-type serial. My memory is that is got integrated into the Coyote series with a lesser inker.

    I wonder if Ditko got the Indiana Jones assignment based on this stuff? It seems pretty similar.

  2. It twas in a black'n white called Fantasy Illustrated #1, and then we saw it colorized in Coyote, but all the Coyote back-ups cept this sucked raw eggs (change in inkers, and nobody quite nailed Ditko). Coloring, somehow, made everything worse