Saturday, December 5, 2015

Jailbreak Album Cover by Jim Fitzpatrick

This Thin Lizzy album cover was nothing like the Celtic Conan stuff Jim did a few years earlier (search fitzpatrick), in fact, it mostly reminds me of Neal Adams.  Irregardless of the style, and, dammit, pun intended, this rocks


  1. I always loved this album cover as a youngster, & I'm pretty certain I attempted to draw a copy of the 'big brother' face on more than one occasion. But what I could never figure out was why the members of the band had playing card emblems on their chests, & why Brian Robertson (the figure on the left) appeared to be a girl!! And yes, I agree, I suspect Jim Fitzpatrick had been reading quite a few Neal Adams comics around this time.

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    1. I used it so long that Webster's finally added it to the dictionary, with a very spiffy definition---"irregardless 1. see regardless"