Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Star Hunter & Voodoo Planet by Jeff Jones

This book is bizarre.  It has no date of publication anywhere in, on, or around it.  If I went just by this cover ( modern type, bright colors, and Jones' style), I would place it in the late sixties.  Fine...until you look at the price...most paperbacks went from 50 to 60 cents in the early sixties, and were usually 75 cents by the late sixties.  And we are talk'n sci-fi here...maybe this cover was just ahead of it's time


  1. I saw this same cover on the Golden Age blog. It was identified as being from 1968. Ace books were cheaper than most paperbacks, but even they had gone to 60 cents by then, I guess that their reprints must have been cheaper than their new books.

  2. Thanks for clear'n up my confusion on this--now, if you don't mind look'n at my tax returns--THAT is really confusing