Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bloodstar by Richard Corben

After Conan, and the short story Pigeons From Hell, Bloodstar was my fav Robert E. Howard story when I useta read fun stuff.  Just josh'n- now I enjoy some Shakespeare or Sherlock Holmes or Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe, and Jack Keroauc, Yukio Mishima, and Thomas Wolfe will always rule


  1. I worked in a used bookstore in the 80s and devoured all of the Nero Wolfe mysteries.( Got a charge out of the A&E television series as well.)

    And Mishima, well, I knew he killed himself after delivering the final pages of the last volume of the Sea of Fertility series, so I expected a lot. I was still taken by surprise and left Decay of the Angel stunned by how beautiful it was.

    Corben's Bloodstar was pretty cool too.

  2. You obviously have many cool appetites --so waddaya think of the notion that Nero Wolfe could be Sherlock Holmes' son? To me, the best Mishima was the story within the story in Runaway Horses ( got a thing for story within the story stories, and Stephen King did it a few times, but not like Yukio)

  3. I don't think Stout bought into the Holmes relationship; he did ruffle a few Baker's Street Irregulars with "Watson was a Woman". These things are amusing parlor games as long as they don't get obsessive, like Philip Jose Farmer, who had Holmes related to Everybody. (I know, from Master of Kung Fu comics, the real lineage.)

    And Runaway Horses had a conclusion that was phrased so powerfully in translation, it makes me wonder what it would be like to comprehend the original Japanese.