Saturday, March 16, 2024

Spidey by Steve Ditko

 Probly my fav pin-up of Spider-man by Ditko, and I have no idea of its "publication location," if any


  1. Familiar, but unfamiliar. Nice of Stan to autograph Ditko's art and just give it away. Working theory is that it was in inventory, but not used, except as a model for the old poster. All according to here:

    1. Very nice, thanks again for doing the keyboard "leg work" that seems to always be just beyond my attention span. i saw it under my random search Ditko Spider-man, and just assumed after look'n at all the pin-ups in Spidey #11 through the end of Ditko that it was either in the first 10 issues or unused. Much like my puppies, I'm easily distracted, and very forgetful