Friday, July 14, 2023

The Three Faces of Time Cover by.....Jeff Jones?

I really dunnae about this one.  The spaceman looks a lot like some astronauts Jones was paint'n on other paperback covers at the time (1969), but his J signature isnae around.  Course, it coulda got cropped at the bottom to make room for all the verbage, especially since the spaceman's right hand is cropped.  If you happen to know, please holla


  1. There is a hardcover checklist of all of Jeffs stuff, might want to get that book.

    1. Sounds right up my alley (often flip through my Wally Wood and Jack Kirby and Berni Wrightson checklists). Thanks

  2. There are two unsigned but confirmed Jones covers for Tower, Jadoo by John Keel and The Unfrozen by Ernst Dreyfuss, neither of which looks like he spent as much time on it as the ones he did sign. I'm going to guess this was him because it doesn't look like any of the other uncredited painters who worked for them.