Friday, July 14, 2023

The Big Picture Part Deuce--Album Covers!

 Dig when I see the favs on a record sleeve.  Tell me more


  1. I wish I had the Wally Wood records. I remember Woolworths selling them when I was a kid, but money was scarce then. Oh well!

    1. Totally relate! Guess a big part of my collect'n passion is getting stuff I couldnae the first time around

  2. More what, album covers by notable comic artists? I know a few.
    Neal Adams: Power Records - Conan the Barbarian, Six Million Dollar Man (&bc); Peter Pan - Jaws of the Shark, br-514 Superman (&bc); Electric Light Orchestra Part Two - For the Love of a Woman a single
    Brian Bolland: The Drifters - 24 Original Hits (&bc), Various – Sounds And Shigaku Limited Present: Beautiful Happiness,
    Robert Crumb, Jack Davis, William Stout: too many to list
    Frazetta: Both Sides of Herman's Hermits (you've had the front, but he drew both sides)
    Paul Gulacy: Ill Bill - What's Wrong With Bill? (I never heard of the guy, either, but it's a heck of a cover)
    Kaluta: Glenn Danzig - Black Aria, various artists - Nativity in Black & Nativity in Black II + booklets, Bobby Pickett - The Original Monster Mash
    Moebius: Black Out - Dust Rider, Ogoun Ferraille Jazz Septet, others
    P. Craig Russell: Clasical albums for Bridge Records including, Beethoven Symphony no. 9, Edvard Grieg, 3 Sonatas, David Starobin - New Music with Guitar, Paul Lansky - Homebrew
    Wally Wood: Peter and Penelope Poof Have a Party (this IS a thing, and he drew it)

    And, not a cover, but I know you need to see this festival poster of Keith Richards by Moebius because it surely would have been in Rock Stars or Rock Stars II if you had:

  3. Oh yeah, and:
    Corben: Jim Steinman - Bad For Good
    Very weird Frazetta cover on a comedy album: Jonathan Winters - Movies Are Better Than Ever
    Other albums with old Frazetta paintings as covers: American Dog - Neanderthal, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force - War to End all Wars, Lecherous Gaze - One Fifteen, Wolfmother - first album and several singles.
    And there are soundtrack albums for most of the movies he did the posters for.
    And in an odd bit of not actually comics-related trivia, some other guy named Joe Kubert played rhythm guitar for Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.

    1. Whew! You are indeed the memory babe, as they useta call Jack Kerouac. I'm the opposite. Tonight, someone asked me where I'm going on a vakay in two days, and I drew a blank. sheeesh! Lotta fascinat'n stuff here I wanna see, and I like the Neal Adams Power Records one (even had onea those up in the wayback)