Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Chameleon Trad'n Card by Jack Kirby

 Got this trad'n card 29 years ago, and been groov'n on it since then.  May have had it up before (I dunno), but since I heard Karma Chameleon on the music mix today, thought it was a good time to look at it.  Yeah, it's latter-day, animation Kirby, but it's still che cool


  1. The trading card set is awesome, but you can always hope for more. The original art boards for these color presentations for Ruby/Spears were reportedly up to 30" x 40" in size and there were something like 600 of them produced by Kirby. About ten years ago in the Kirby Collector, Ruby, Spears and the Kroft guys announced they were going to develop many of the Kirby ideas and put out an art book. Since then, though, nothing but crickets.

    1. Sounds amazeballs if it ever materializes, eh? I'd put in on my shelf nestled between Steranko's over-sized Talon graphic novel and Robert E Howard's Scarlet Citadel profusely illustrated by Roy G. Krenkel