Thursday, May 18, 2023

Young Pat Broderick

 Oh, my heck!  Accord'n to my intensive search on here (okay, I typed Broderick into the search box), I have never put this great artist up before.  I love that first image, just want it completed!  The second image is a fanzine cover I guess, but no clue what the name is (or if it even exists).  Third image is a great Berni Wrightson piece that I've put up again since it so reminds me of the fanzine cover.  Lastly is Pat's first published comic work, which sadly reminds me again how I basically ignored the Atlas comics when they appeared


  1. Good morning from Tampa, I really appreciate your blog, thank you. I was wondering if you would every get around to Pat. He lives her and Tampa, he and I used to teach together for a local college, great guy. Watching him work is mesmerizing, he's very meticulous and detailed. Pat has been working on a self-published work fo the past few years, "Nibiru: Legend of the Annunaki." Look it up, wonderful artwork.

    1. Wow, thank you! Nibiru is incredible, and I've never seen any of it! Yeah, that attention to detail has always been beautifully evident

    2. I was re-reading my comment... wow, do I typo much? I don't know if you do the bookface thing, but give Pat a follow, he posts his pencils and inks from time to time. Pat.Broderick.75

    3. So appreciate ya! Definitely wanna groove on more Pat Broderick mov'n forward, but as I often say, I dunnae spacebook or myface or tweety-bird or even insta ounce...just da blog