Friday, June 3, 2022

Some Cap'n Action by Gil Kane and Wally Wood

A decade ago, I posted Cap'n Action #1, a tasty treat by Wally Wood (cept for the lame cover).  About a week ago, on Kull Book-Ends by Wally Wood, Mike commented that everything goes better with Woody inks on it, and I replied that I'd been think'n about this stuff, CA #2-5, where Gil Kane penciled (and what's not to love, cept the up-the-nose shots, about Gil Kane?) and Wally Wood inked.  Whole nuther level of tasty


  1. Wowsers,look at that machinery. Just background but elevated to heights by killer penciler and inker combo from Heaven.

    1. Wish I could hit a "like" symbol as I can for a text on my phone, but that's a wunnerful statement you made. Wood's machinery at EC and Tower blew me away, and Kane's Star Hawks had some really transcendent machines, so this machanical "manna" makes beautiful sense