Sunday, June 12, 2022

Conan #1 Reprints by Barry Smith

First is what I first held in my hot little hands in the early seventies.  I remember how I dug it had a letters page already, with letters from Harlan Ellison and such, because they had sent advance copies to a select few.  Next are two of the three reprints I now have (I dinnae put up Conan Classics #1 cause I find it slightly gruesome).  Both of these are che nice, but as I plopped down 4 bucks for the latest reprint, I was wondering why I hadnae just gotten two (or more) copies of the dollar reprint.  Oh, well.  Then went I flipped through the 4 buck copy, I saw it was an exact reprint (sans the letters page*), including the original ads (here of which is one).  sweet

*I no longer have the first prints of Conans #1 and #2, so maybe the Harlan Ellison letter wasnae even in #1 issue

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