Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The Kull Book-Ends by Wally Wood

 Sometimes an image and/or thought is so imbedded in my memory of this passion, I dunnae realize I've never posted , and I think that's the case here.  I've been drool'n over these book-ends from Kull #1 ever since the mag came out, and I kinda assumed I'd put SUMPN up!  Oh, well, it's finally here, and check out how they looked as a wash under the incredible Michael Whelan cover.  The first three images and the wash embiggen nicely


  1. It goes to show you ANY artist looks better if inked by Wood. Ahh I miss him.

    1. Once again, it's like you're in my head, Mike! I've been think'n a lot about Cap'n Action lately, so we got that to look forward to