Friday, May 13, 2022

Some Fantastic John Adkins Richardson

 So, in the way-back, I talked about obtain'n Maxor (Fantastic Exploits #21), and put up some awesome sauce from that sweet fanzine.  Just found out that Maxor returned in FE #23, and the first three images are from that.  Unfortunately, only the fourth image (from the original Maxor) embiggens, but both issues had those great transport tubes and walk'n citadels (long before Star Wars!).  Cover to FE 15 has nothing to do with this, although octopus hands morphed to octopus hair in FE 21

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  1. I love John Adkins Richardson's work. He also did some really exceptional covers and some interior work on many issues of ROCKET'S BLAST COMIC COLLECTOR.
    I read somewhere he left comics to be an instructor at some art school or university.